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Real Estate e-books

Our Fountain Auction Academy has released a range of e-books on real estate marketing.

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 The Vendor's Guide to Selling Real Estate by Auction 

 As a vendor, or a potential vendor, this book will hopefully demystify much of the auction process, debunk any anti-auction theories and place you in a strong position to be able to evaluate the person, also known as "the

listing agent", who will handle probably the biggest financial decision you will make in your life.

In this book, Tony answers, in an easily understood manner, vendors' questions and concerns on such matters as:-

  • Why auction? 10 benefits of the auction process
  • How the auction process actually works
  • Selecting your agent/realtor - what to ask and what you should expect
  • Advertising
  • "Open House" inspections - what they are and how to maximise their impact
  • Auction day - what to expect
  • "On site" and "in rooms" auctions - the differences and benefits
  • The vendor bid - what is it and what is its power?
  • The reserve - what is it? How is it set?

The author has over 30,000 real estate auctions under his gavel across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States!

PRICE - $AUD22.00 - to download, click below and follow the instructions



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