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Tringriz is a Bruce Roberts Spray 33 design which in turn is a derivation  of the original Spray, the first vessel to be sailed singlehanded around the world.

This epic voyage was made by the late Captain Joshua Slocum from Fairhaven Mass USA ( although originally a Nova Scotian from Canada)  in 1895 - 1897 and it was chronicled in his literary masterpiece "Sailing Alone Around the World".

Whilst a number of Spray replicas have been built over the years, by far the most numerous Spray fleet are the Roberts Sprays. They vary in size from Spray 27's (27') to Spray 50's and all share the Spray traits of being superb seaboats and with their comfortable sea kindly movement and great volume, they make wonderful cruising vessels.

Tringriz was built in 1988 in the well known and respected commercial 

shipyard of Veenstra Brothers at Goolwa South Australia for Mr Keith 

Veenstra, one of the partners in the business. Given that Goolwa is at the entrance of the mighty Murray River to the Southern Ocean on Lake Alexandrina, the connection of the bush (Tony) and the sea (Goolwa) seems somewhat appropriate.

Sadly, Mr Veerstra passed away before Tringriz was finished and as she was then known as "Steely Dan", she was purchased by Mr Geoff Burreau of Adelaide SA. He sailed her for two years up to and around the Great Barrier Reef and then was forced to make a choice between her and his musical band - the result is obvious.

We purchased her in 1991, renamed her Tringriz which is an Iliut Indian word for "two bears" and brought her to Sydney where she was moored in Pittwater until we departed that magnificent waterway in May 1997.

 She is 33" (10.10 metres ) overall and is a Registered Australian Ship. 

Being built of 5mm steel in both hull and decking/cabin, she is  as strong as the proverbial outhouse. She draws 4'6" which is handy for sneaking in out of the breeze in many locations and with her 12' beam, storage area is vast. Her headroom is 6'6" so there's no worry about hitting the noggin, unless you play for the Boomers I guess!

 She is powered by a 50hp Yanmar diesel engine and being cutter rigged, has self furling Yankee and staysail and a fully battened main with slab reefing and "Lazy Jacks".

With long distance cruising in mind, she is equipped with 2x77 watt solar panels and various other goodies to make life more pleasant. Radio wise she has HF, VHF and 27 meg and I use my Mac computer to update this website and communicate with the world.

In the "brakes" or anchor section we have a 45lb CQR on 200' of 3/8 chain and a 90 lb (yep, 90) Admiralty anchor for the heavy stuff on 30' of chain and200' of 14mm nylon rope. I know many will scoff at the latter and I have ummed and ahhed many times about trading her in but somehow I feel that one day this big'un might just be the difference between us staying afloat and being on the bricks.

Her interior is fitted with Queensland Maple and teak and the warm honey coloured glow exhuded by these timbers is a never ending source of pleasure as we lie at anchor somewhere at night reading or enjoying a great meal.


NOTE: Tringriz has now been sold (as of the 14th March 1999) to Rob Rutter and Judy Aumann of Warragul (Victoria) and will be plying the waters of Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay. I wish both them and all who sail in her as much fun and happiness as I had over the years.


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