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Our Fountain Auction Academy has released a range of e-books on real estate marketing.

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"Success starts with a Dream"

Tony has as his main Keynote address "Success starts with a Dream" and audiences across Australian and in Indonesia, New Zealand, PNG and the USA have found much resonance with what he says.

His laconic "straight from the shoulder-tell it as it is" style has at times confronted people attending but none leave with any misunderstanding what he was saying.

The address takes you not only through the ups and downs of his life but also that of others but also gives you the four keys to unlock how you can both chase and attain your dreams.

Tony can give this either as Keynote address or combine it in with workshops where the atmosphere is a lot more personal and there is room for those all important virtual "one on one" type discussions

Small Business:

All his working life Tony has been involved in the ongoing guerilla warfare that is part and parcel of the life of small business in Australia and New Zealand. Sure he has, as he readily admits,"stuffed up a few times" but he has got more decisions right than wrong and taken his businesses in two cases to national market leaders!.

These sessions can be designed to fit your businesses profile and ambitions and can be either in Keynote address or workshop format.


"Tony Fountain was one of our guest speakers at the Little River Landcare ‘Planning your business for the next shit season’ workshop in February. Tony was invited to share his personal story of how he has overcome challenges and has turned dreams into success.

In a time when farming families are being challenged by a diverse range of adverse issues, mindset is key to overcoming them and bouncing back quickly. Tony’s address was rated by the participants as the best talk of the day.

Tony delivers his message in such a professional way that brings together fantastic humour, with personal anecdotes and leaves participants with a step by step process to create a powerful mindset. Tony’s extensive history in agriculture ensures that what he says resonates with the farming community.

Tony left a positive impact on our community and I am confident he will do so where ever he speaks." - Pip Job, CEO Little River Lancare Group and 2014 Rural Woman of the Year

"Magnificent was always the word used by audiences when Tony conducted training, auctions or acted as host, MC or Guest Speaker. A man with a unique and hysterical turn of phrase he is truly an inspiration to all who encounter him. Tony is a Master Negotiator, inspiring speaker, engaging writer and the leading Auctioneer in Australia Today. I encourage anyone to meet and experience Tony. It will unforgettable." - Scott Eastwood, Ray White Kurrajong Hills

"Tony is a person of great integrity and knowledge in his industry and many other industries that he has involved himself in. He has a general knowledge and love of the English language that is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. I enjoy his intellect and humour and am happy to recommend him to anyone that wishes to make contact with me."Suzi Ward, Agricultural Appointments

"I first meet Tony a few years ago when I attended his auctioneering course. I was blown away and very impressed with his professionalism & knowledge of the real estate industry. I enjoyed Tony's honest and down to earth approach to training and would recommend him anytime." - Jamie Goddard, Principal Belle Property, Terrigal NSW

"As an experienced realtor myself there are only a few from within the real estate industry that I seek counsel from. Tony is one of those people. His advice on conducting successful auctions (amongst many other topics) is simply the best in the industry. His standard of excellance has stood the test of time. If you want the best auction training, speak to Tony...period." - Stephen Bock, Director, Team Bock Manly NSW 

 "Tony is undoubtedly one of the best and most entertaining auctioneers I have experienced in my 25 years of real estate experience. He would often crack a joke and the audience would laugh and relax. Only a master entertainer or great auctioneer can pull this off. I would not hesitate to recommend Tony to anyone wanting a darn good auctioneer. Tony has lasted the test of time at the top in one of Australia's most competitive industries auctioneering and real estate." - Nicholas King,CEO & President, UCP Holdings

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