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Real Estate e-books

Our Fountain Auction Academy has released a range of e-books on real estate marketing.

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SUCCESS STARTS WITH A DREAM - now available as a downloadable e-book!

In his lifetime, author Tony Fountain has, in his own words "climbed the stairs to heaven and walked the halls of hell", mainly caused through his penchant for chasing his dreams.

This book takes you through what is involved in making that chase successful, what ingredients are needed and what some of the pitfalls are.

Based on his very popular keynote address of the same title, he has moved audiences at conferences and seminars across Australia and in Indonesia, New Zealand and the United States with it and created a new awareness amongst many people of their own powers to achieve their dreams.

The $22.00 you spend on buying your copy may well make you thousands and save you hours of heartache. If it does, then Tony reckons he will be well satisfied!

PRICE- $AUD22.00 - to download this e-book, simply click on the shopping cart below and follow the instructions





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