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Tony is also a member of the prestigious National Auctioneer's Association, based in Oklahoma, USA and subscribes to their Code of Ethics, both in training and auction conduct.

As an eleven year old boy growing up in rural New South Wales, with a father who was in his own right a formidable auctioneer, Tony Fountain was inspired by these words that were written and sung by country music legend LeRoy van Dyke (and friend) as part of his hit record "The Auctioneer":

"And from that boy who went to school,

there grew a man who played it cool,

he came back home a full fledged auctioneer


And as the people came from miles around

Just to hear him make that rhythmic sound,

He filled their hearts with such a happy cheer


His fame spread out from shore to shore

he had all he could do and more,

had to buy a plane to get around" 

 As Tony now explains:-

 "Auctions have been my lifeblood and auctioneering has been the pump that has kept it circulating all my working life. Both my father and my grandfather were auctioneers, and the auctioneer’s chant and auction talk were as familiar to me in our family discussions as the talk of weather is to other people. 

 Over the past 40 years I have conducted over 30,000 auctions across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States, selling everything from real estate to cattle and horses, as well as industrial, farming and earthmoving equipment. 

Some detractors decry the auction method of marketing, arguing that it is only there to suit the real estate agent. However, it is my strong belief that the auction system of selling is the fairest and most open form of negotiation there is. Everyone has an equal opportunity. Auctions are market forces at work – supply and demand – in an open arena. They are the most transparent form of marketing, and it is here that the benefits lie for sellers, buyers and agents."


In my early days I became known as “the flying auctioneer”, as I bought a plane (a Cessna 172 and then a Rockwell Commander 114(left)) and flew myself and our sales to auctions back and forth across Australia. In the process, I became the subject of an award-winning ABC television series “A Big Country” in an episode entitled “The Auctioneer” which dealt with my life story, as well as appearing on such then popular TV shows as The Mike Walsh Show, The Ray Martin Show and others. This was a memorable time in my auctioneering life as I met some wonderful and fascinating people from all walks of life.


In 1988 I moved to Sydney and commenced the real estate auction operations for the then Sydney real estate market newcomer, Ray White Real Estate. Along with two compatriots I took Ray White from auction market newcomers to market leaders in just three years. In one year I personally conducted over 2100 individual property auctions. The highest value residential property I auctioned was a building site in Double Bay, a residential suburb close to Sydney. This site sold for $12.55 million! In the rural area I auctioned in early 2005 a $19 million cotton property.

Full details on courses for auctioneering and auction skills can be found at the Fountain Auction Academy website.

At the end of  June 2006, I relinquished my position as Chief Auctioneer for the Ray White Group and , with my partner Sam Hudson,we purchased the Ray White Bowral  franchise. In 2011, we sold the franchise to Greg and Sally wall and I am now acting as an Independant Contractor selling residential and lifestyle property in the Southern Highlands through Ray White Bowral.

This allows me to continue auctioneering  - and getting time to sail and enjoy Seerauber and travel showing Sam our beautiful country, for whilst she has travelled the world in her former careers, she has seen little of "Oz" outside the cities.!




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