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G’day and welcome ,

Someone once wrote that "Life is but a loan with experience as the interest".

In my case, that is certainly correct, for my life has certainly had its share of experiences, a great many of which are used, when combined with those of other peoples, in my keynote address of  Success starts with a Dream.

Lawrence of Arabia wrote in "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" that "all men dream but not equally. For the Dreamers of the Night awaken to find it was merely their vanity. But the Dreamers of the Day are the dangerous ones for they dream with their eyes open and make things happen"



 In addressing conferences and seminars in every State and Territory of Australia and in New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the United States, audiences, no matter what their nationality or ethnic background, have related to many of these used in those same addresses.


This proves to me that the spirit of Lawrence's "Dreamer of the Day"  IS alive and well and that the reason most people do not achieve their dreams and aspirations is mainly because of themselves and their own self doubt. 


 I hope that in some small way people can, by listening to my addresses or attending one of my workshops (be they there for personal or business reasons), can ignite that flame of ambition that may be flickering - or nearly extinguished -  within themselves and lead them onto a fuller, more productive and happier life.


**UPDATE** - here is an interview that I had with IT Guru Gihan Perera in August 2013 and which you may find of interest and value

Tony Fountain

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